Friday, March 14, 2008

It all started on Belmont in Arlington Heights - well almost..

Belmont Street
I moved here when I was 2, our family stayed 4 more years till 1960. At an early age I discovered the true reason for living: Christmas, my birthday, and Halloween. I also learned the world had scary shit in it: scary people with their scary minds, and my bedroom after lights out. The spooky attic was a magical place and I can still remember the smell, the wood floors and looking out the dusty gabled window (see picture). More will be posted from past events, but the majority will come from things yet to come. BTW.. it was on this very spot from where the picture was taken I was hit by a car at about 5 years of age. I was smacked pretty good - rendered unconscious with cement burns, but returned a few hours later with no broken bones. I checked both ways this time before snapping the picture.

This is it - the transition post officially beginning Bill Moore's Chicago adventure, particularly after my move from Los Angeles, this coming April, '08.